The Amazing World of The Sims 3

Sims,the most famous simulation game of the decade is back  with another title Sims 3 and this time everything is dynamic from Characters to the open floating World.

Sims 2 the previous title of Sims was released in 2004 almost 5 years of now, EA will be releasing The  Sims 3  June 2 this year. Using the latest technology at hand, the developers at EA made Sims 3 an open world dynamic simulation game that means no load screens what so ever.

New advanced slider system makes it easy to customize characters of your friends and families, roam  around in the world of Sims while your neighbors fall in love or get married or die.

Previously you have been controlling the lives of your Sims but now you have more control as ever. Build,design the house of your dreams with the advanced in game builder which makes it easy for you to design your house and customize it in every possible way.

Speaking to IGN executive producer Ben Bell said:

We want to get people off the lot and out into the neighborhood around them and get them to experience this complete town in a way that they’ve never been able to before, and frankly we’ve never been able to deliver before just because we didn’t have the technological means or the design expertise

With all the possibilities to mess up the lives of your Sims, the developers have included another tool of enjoyment for you in Sims 3, The Mash up Tool which grants you the ability to make movies of your Sims in Sims 3 and upload it to the exchange, the community of the game supported by EA.
Create Movies of any kind and then show it to your friends to see who is better director umm interesting indeed.