Wolfenstein The Game: Time to Kill Some Nazi’s to Save The World

Wolfenstein is the grand daddy of online shooting games, originally known as Wolfenstein 3D the latest sequel named just Wolfenstein The Game brings back BJ Blazkowicz to stop Hitler from gaining a unique artifact known as Black Sun.

So you are the man who goes into the mouth of Nazi’s and investigate this latest artifact. While on investigation you find out its not just an artifact and they are way ahead of you and already developing an ultimate weapon that will end the War and make them victorious using the power of dark parallel dimensions The Veil.

You will have to use more then weapons to resist the axis army and there Veil powered weapons, you will to use any means necessary to take out the enemy’s vicious plans, use black market, Weapons of Nazis, or even their Veil enhanced firepower to overcome the enemy.
The new characters added to the game are SS infantry, Scribes and Veil Heavy Trooper.

SS infantry is fearless the fanatic believers believe that the third Reich will rule the world so the gave everything to their cause and will eat you out if you take them lightly. Scribes are scholars who have been given the duty to find out the secrets of black sun by any means necessary.

They can use the power of black sun to enpower other Nazi units. Heavy trooper wearing the personal protection system and are more resistant to damage and have high strength.

Watch the recently released teaser trailer by the developers which depicts stunning graphics and gameplay that make me feel so wanting this game right now.

This historic first person shooter will be released in july no confirm date yet and is coming on Xbox360, Playstation 3 and PC as well for the time being enjoy these screenshots.