How To Be A Good Sniper In 10 Easy Steps

1. Concentrate on aim rather than speed. Aim is the key factor in most FPS games and perfecting it should be your primary objective. Ofcourse you cant perfect it overnight, the trick is to start playing on low sensitivity and placing your aim just ahead of the target (in the direction they are moving) or where you expect the target to move.Remember flashy moves only happen in montages and frag vids, they might earn you some praises but they wont guarantee a kill.

2. Anticipate. If you have played a particular map enough time you will know where your enemies can kill you and where you have the upper hand. This trick is particularly useful at the start of the match/round, make sure you use it to your advantage. Also listening can help you in this regard.

3. Stay hidden/Make less noise. Since you are carrying a long range weapon and the enemy has an advantage at close range its probably better not to alert the SMG’s lingering around . If you dont make a noise they wont know your there. Changing your weapon, Reloading , Jumping , Moving On ledges etc can give you away.

4. Make your shot count. Since you have low reloading and firing rates and you shot will probably appear as a red dot on the mini map and will give away you position.

5. Change your position/stance/weapon after you kill/shoot. The Deagle has a great firing rate and damage output not to mention the hipfire accuracy, use it.

6. Innovate not imitate. When you see 3 people rushing to the same spot for that “early bird catches the worm” kill, its probably not a good idea to join them. Explore in these situations and find new spots that will surprise the enemy. Even the slightest change in position can make the biggest difference.

7. Ditch flash/Get smoke. This is particularly useful when the enemy sniper has an advantage over you. Dont rush when you smoke, its better if you start moving after about 4-5 seconds after you grenade has landed. Keep an eye out for those grenades, people usually throw grenades into smoke. You can also bluff with smoke so that the enemy wastes its grenade.

8. Recon. If you miss or see an enemy target that you cant kill, its a good idea to tell your friends where he is. Remember Teamwork > One man show. A good call will get your team some easy rounds, and this is a morale booster which every team needs, specially in a grudge match. A morale booster for you is a demoralizing low blow for them and makes your job a lot easier.

9. Aim on the upper torso. Remember “nut shots” only count in real life and only if your target is male.

10. Practice. Can and does make you perfect. You can start practice by joining a TDM server, turning off your sound and start concentrating on your aim. Try practicing on the same settings (sensitivity, fps , brightness etc) for a while , week or two.

Technical Stuff
Most snipers play on a comparatively low sensitivity (i play on 1.5 game sensitivity , 400 Dpi , win sensitivity default) as it grants them more control over their aim when they are zoomed in. This doesn’t mean you have to have low sensitivity if you are a good sniper still its not a bad idea to give it a try . Also the “smooth mouse” option is a no go. Smooth mouse = extra sway on your crosshair = inaccuracy.
Try to play on the highest stable FPS (frames per second) you machine allows. Greater fps = smoother gameplay. Also its a good idea to lock you FPS , since fps changes can be easily noticed and can prove to be a distraction. Try lowering your settings for better fps. Gear matters but doesn’t mean that if you have a crappy mouse you cant pawn a “blinged out” pro.

Also change your FOV (field of view) to “80”, command is cog_fov 80.
Comments, corrections , bullshits are highly appreciated.

Guest Post by Basharat Ullah Baig a.k.a {MeTaL} BASH.