Left4Dead DLC – More Zombies

Left4Dead dazzled the gamers from all over the world largely. Game got more fame than was expected (got round about 40 awards till now). Left4Dead zombies delivered the goods and entertained the players continuously.We were waiting for the so called Survival DLC map pack of the game impatiently,and it has finally arrived in the market to purchase.

Lets see what the official statement says about it.

Our goals for Survival Mode are to deliver a mode of play distinct from Campaign or Versus, have games that regularly last under ten minutes, and emphasize competition with team play through leaderboards.

So, more competition is what they say,agreed,as it sometimes becomes boring and the game starts looking very old.So something new was needed.Further they say:

Survival Mode draws on the planning and communication aspects of a successful Finale or Crescendo event, while taking it to another level. It rapidly hits a fever pitch that only a well coordinated team will be able to successfully survive. Everything from simply covering a reviving teammate, to making every shot count to minimize reloads becomes crucial in Survival Mode.

It means more tension with zombies,that may be another interesting and loving thing for l4d fans.For further details on the DLC click here.Summary of the content present in the DLC is:

  • 16 maps including Last Stand
  • Leaderboards
  • 7 new achievements
  • Some exploits and bugs are fixed(which you will easily obeserve as you play the DLC)
  • Added lobby join and leave messages

I have read gamers gone wild on the release of the DLC. I can see this game as a strong contender for the game of the year so far. But you never know what is up ahead. DLC is available for PC and X-box and PS3 will be getting their hands on it anytime.It costs $39.99 on Pc.So if you have not bought it yet then leave everything and make it your primary objective if you are a l4d fanatic.You can’t afford to miss it.