Battlefield 2 Patch V1.5 Out Now

This massive multiplayer has retained a prestige in the fps multiplayer world. A new pacth v1.5 is out for the game.This is beta and may probably get some  upgrades.Anyhow following content is present in the patch:

  • A new map has been introduced named ‘Operation Blue Pearl’
  • Additional support for Windows Vista
  • Improvements in vehicles like J10 and F35Bfor more balanced movement
  • Security system modified to prevent cheating and hacks
  • Targeting tweaks has been improved e.g AA targeting has been improved.

Hasn’t got much but still one should upgrade to this patch as the anti-cheat modification may be useful.One thing that may appear confusing is the size of the patch.It is of size 1.26gb,which is unusual ofcourse.But since the patch is just out so we may realize its worth.You can download the patch from here.