Mafia II The Old Mob Legend is Back

Mafia is back with its unique open world crime gameplay, a huge story and brutal shootouts. Well 2k games has it on a new engine this time with enhanced looks, better driving, deadlier shootouts and a new storyline.

The game is set up in 1940 to 1950, this ten year time span will make you available good guns, better cars, a change of culture if you know the American history its great depression going on Yah!.

It starts in technically good time as it is a mob game and people are looking for money and all that. Game’s main Character Vito is the man who is starts his content life with hard work under his father before joining the crime syndicate and ultimately becoming the made man alongside his childhood buddy Joe who is a hothead violent kind of a person.
Well that refreshes memories about the last game same old concept here too but in different style. Here is first in game gameplay trailer just released to get you going, I have chosen the HD format to give you a more detailed look on the game so patience if it takes more time to load. You can watch it here.

Its all we know about Mafia II as of now, Here are some screenshots of the game which are hot, spicy and brutal too.