FIFA/Pro Evolution Soccer Tips Tricks and Skills General Guide

I believe that after Shooting and strategy comes the  sports games and among sports, soccer is most famous in multiplayer gaming.Soccer is the most liked sport around the world and in gaming world soccer fans love games like Fifa and Pro soccer same goes for developers. Who work hard to bring gamers closer to the game.

I am also a big fan of football and like to play soccer games both in singleplayer and multiplayer. I have been playing fifa and pro soccer for a long time now and like both the titles equally.Now what I am going to do is share my experience and some tips i have learnt in last 4 or 5 years,and I am still learning them as there is no end of learning.

Again,these are just tips I feel are useful and I am not a god in gaming, So if you want to share anything,don’t hesitate.We will discuss general tips common for all soccer games first.
General Tips:

  • I personally believe that attack is the policy of defense when it comes to football,but in real football world and also mostly in gaming people lime to play defensive.

    What I want to share is that whether you want to play aggressive or defensive depends upon the team you are playing with e.g in case of Barcelona, players are attack minded and their midfield also score many goals so their is no need to play 3 strikers with them up front unless you are trailing more in less time.There are some other teams with which u can’t afford to play 3 strikers e.g in case of Chelsea,their attack is one man show mostly and the second one plays as supportive role mostly with two wingers, so here too playing three strikers up front is not a good thinking and it will make defense more vulnerable.

    So the whether you play aggressive or defensive formation should depend on the team you are playing with and remember one thing, always play with the team you feel easy to play with regardless the fame of the team.It automatically provides you a psychological advantage.

  • Next thing that is very important tactically is to have a complete control on the players and move the players in a rhythm.I have seen lot of players moving their center back forward to tackle a midfielder  leaving behind the whole defense vulnerable to strikers of the opposition.

    What I am trying to say is that always keep an eye on the players you are controlling and try not to run them out of their specified position.
    Although auto switching covers up most of the gap but still an opponent playing on counter attacking formation can exploit this weakness to maximum.So switch players intelligently.

  • Next thing is  what sort of gameplay you should adopt?Either orthodox 4-4-2 or wingplay or some random formation?It also depends on the taste of a person.I personally never play with 2 wingers  as I suck in crossing the ball in the penalty area.

    So if you have trademark winger with some lethal crossing skills don’t hesitate to use them as you can cause large damage to the opposition with them e.g in Valencia wingers like jaoquin,Vicente and Silva can cause great damage with their crossing and strikers like David Villa and Morientes can head the ball easily in the net.

    What if crossing does not work for you and you like short quick passing?Best solution is that you should go with 4-4-2 formation in the beginning and make adjustments after guessing your opponents gameplay.Short passer should try to play maximum in midfield as it needs hell of patience.3-5-2 can be another useful formation both for wingplay and center play.If you know the key players of your opponents, then it can be big plus point for you.There are two methods to control them:
    -One is that you set a marker from your formation settings on a particular player.
    -You manually keep an eye on the position of that player.
    I will suggest the second way as in case of  first one if that players breaks through your marker,a space will be created for already dangerous player and the long range strikes can result in goal.

    On the other hand if you manually keep that player marked when it is necessary,this will not allow that player much room to move.e.g I have seen many AC Milan fans using Kaka for scoring most of their goals, So what I do is track all his movements and cut down his participation in the game to minimum.

  • What you should do is never panic when the ball is in possession of a dangerous player like Kaka, and don’t make any tackle which has chances to be dodged,more tackles dodged more vulnerable will be the defense,so what you need to do is hold your defense in line and tackle when the striker is about shoot or to make a through ball.

    I know it is difficult keeping in view the pace of the game but once you master this it will be difficult for any opponent to break through your defense easily.

These are few basic tips in both Fifa and Pro soccer for giving your opponent a tough time regardless of his skills.Now let us discuss Fifa And Po soccer separately. I will discuss the keyboard keys while sharing the tricks.

Fifa(08 and 09)
Fifa’s  gameplay hasn’t changed much since 2007.One thing I like most about Fifa is the pace and intensity in the game.Anyways while playing Fifa you don’t need much of your brain to play as sometimes a newbie can score from way out.

  • While playing fifa with an opponent who is attack minded short passing can be proved useful.When the ball arrives in midfield in your possession press(Q+S) for each short pass,this will make player to make a forward run after passing the ball.When you will pass the ball 2 or 3 times like this,you will find of your players breaking through the opponents defense at an angle where you can give him a through ball.
  • Passing an accurate through ball is something that requires some practice and skill in fifa.There are 2 methods to make a through ball towards the attacker:One is the overhead through ball and other is the rolling one.

    You can pass the overhead through ball by pressing Q and long ball button that is A on the keyboard i.e (Q+A).You can also make an overhead through ball by(Q+W),in this case power is automatically controlled and this pass is used mostly from LB or RB position to the strikers up front.

    In the first case you can control the power of the pass.Now for a rolling through ball one only needs to press key W and control the power if the manual through ball is turned on in options.Always try to take the opposite turn than the guessed turn.If you guess the right turn you can beat the defender with that and then there will be nothing between you and goal keeper.

  • You cannot be good player unless you are a cool finisher,because what really matter is goals not the chances you created.There are different styles of finishing in fifa.I will discuss three of them.I personally like to bang the ball into the net,but that is not always the right option as strikers like Rooney miss the short range blasts most of the times.

    Always shoot a long range blast with the player having ability to do that e.g: Fabregas can’t score long ranges,so shooting with him outside the penalty box can get you maximum of a corner nothing else,while if you shoot with players like Diego and Pirlo from the midfield they can provide you the break through in a stylish manner.Second method of finishing is the cool style finish.It can be either rolling finish or a curler.

    When close to the keeper or one on one, pressing (Q+D) can beat the keeper even in world class difficulty if you shoot it with timing.If you shoot  near to the penalty marker in cross angle,chances of scoring goal is 90 percent at any difficulty.Third one is to curl the ball in the net,and is most difficult finish and requires calmness of the mind.

    If you are at the edge of the penalty area and you are either at left or right projection to the goal,you can curl the ball in from the edge.What you need to do is to move the player horizontally(parallel to the line of penalty area and loosely press Q+D) power of the shoot has great importance in it.

    Another thing important is the foot with which you will shoot.While moving towards the right poll of the goal, left foot will bend the ball inwards,right will make ball move away rather than moving inwards and vice versa.This finish though difficult can surprise your opponent as you run along the box and shoot unexpectedly.

    • Always try to shoot the ball with the favorite foot of the player.Shooting with weaker foot will reduce the probability of scoring to below 50.
    • Just a tip for long range crackers is to press the downward key while powering for shoot.This will make the shoot on target from long  ranges.
  • Come to the crossing now.When you make a rolling cross and when in space?Well if you are close to the goal on the wing then rolling cross(Double tap A) is the best option as a small touch from the striker will result in a goal. Again make sure that winger is crossing the ball with his favorite foot.

    While taking the corner if you press(Q+D)corner will be rolling and first man near the poll can make touch to the ball and guide the ball in.Always target the player with more heading abilities e.g center backs or strikers like Adebayor and Drogba.
    You can also practice the direct corner.For this high accuracy of both power and curl is needed.

    If you expert this, can shoot the ball direct in from the corner.(arrow keys are used for curling the ball).

  • When it come to free kicks, accurate free kicks can change the whole complexion of the game.For short  range free kicks only control the power and avoid curling the ball as it mostly shoots the ball over the cross bar.
    While shooting from long range keep the trajectory of your analogue stick in between X and Y axis.This will increase the power of the shoot and the ball will be cracked into the top corner of the the goal.
  • While defending always run a player from behind the striker and after your player catches his arm, remove your cursor from that defender and select a defender from the front.This will almost make the striker helpless.

Thats all for Fifa, lets move to Pro soccer now.

Pro Evolution Soccer(08 and 09)

  • Short passing principle is same as in Fifa i.e  use key Q for passing the ball.In case of pro soccer as there are more gaps so more runs provide more options to pass.
  • Long ball principle is also somewhat same,but in Pro soccer I will suggest pressing(Q+W) for overhead through ball.
  • Possession of the ball is quite important in this game.Don’t loose the ball unless you find a proper player for through ball.
  • Defending is more difficult in pro soccer.Pressing S will make the selected player to pressurize the player in possession,while pressing D will make the nearest un selected player to pressurize the ball keeper.

    So when there is sense of urgency and the ball is in the possession of players like Kaka I suggest pressing both the keys to tackle him.Use the sliding tackle careful as red cards frequency is more in this game.

  • Now shooting is something that has a prominent contrast with Fifa.It is difficult to score long range goals,so one needs to be tactical while scoring goal.Chipping(Q+D) is somewhat more easy than Fifa.Try making a rolling finish as it increases the percentage of finishing.Beating keeper when one on one is also a good option and easier than fifa.
  • Free kicks is the most difficult part in this game.You can either take it from A key or form D.I suggest practicing the free kicks with D as power is important with the curl.

One last tip i want to mention is whichever soccer game you are playing,you should never change your style rather improve it.And always keep your nerves cool as cool nerves help in finishing.Pressure will result in more mistakes and more goals.

If you are falling behind,increase your momentum of the game in such a way that other player should feel the pressure to defend the lead.This is all i have for you.Hope thsi guide will help you improving your game.Any suggestions as i mentioned earlier are welcome.