Multiplayer Shooter Games Tips – Improve Skills

Multiplayer Gaming is blooming since doom days which was probably the first game which introduce term team death match. After doom games like Counter Strike and Halo give multiplayer gaming rise in its fan base, and now more and more multiplayer games come and go few stick due the their uniqueness and are played online years after their release.

Online Multiplayer Gaming is a tough shit you expire if u go just like that. You need to learn few things to be a better player as a whole, Few steps that make sure you don’t suck as an online Gamer. In this Article our Focus will be on First Person Shooter Games and how to improve ur skills in them while you play online.

Know about the Terrain
First thing about a First Person Game while playing online you should learn about , are Maps. You can’t enjoy the game or show even your lame skills if you just don’t know from where the enemy will pop up. If you don’t the terrain you will die miserable even if you acquired shooting skills that level you up with the pro’s. Knowing the map is important thing when you start playing any game online, Secret spots, Camping spots, Weird routes, glitches all come next in the cue when you have learnt the terrain.

Secret spots are one of those things which you use in important situations while playing clan matches or any tournament. You don’t just show off these things in public servers just because you know them, secret spots can be your main weapon in difficult situation and are always learned through hard work and Practice so I would suggest preserve them for important situations.

Camping spots are locations you practice a lot. Try camping at these spots and then try methods to take out the camper sitting at any possible location as swiftly as possible. Knowing all Camping spots give you an edge in both ways:

If you are Chicken you use them to take out your enemy If you are an attacker you practice how to give a sitting chicken a miserable death.
Glitches are those spots at least you should know about even if you cant do them. Always expect some one you cant find at these spots. If you know at least know all the glitches the enemy cant hide from you and expecting the enemy at glitches is always good rather then dying when they take you out from behind when you least expect them.

Strategies, Strategic Positioning
Strategies are important to win wars, same goes in online battles as well. Strategies are always good, drawing a solid plan on gtac will give you a more solid approach in Clan matches. Plan your strategies, Team Positioning, Strategic Positioning in different situations. These are three main things that require your attention to improve your and your teams collective skills.

Be sharp Collect data about the enemy, What guns they are using? , How fast they are pursuing ?, What are the different routes used by them ?, What are the different positions they are using repeatedly ?. These are few things which can be collected in the first few rounds of the Match Online and then you can make required changes to your strategy to make it more efficient.

Team positioning is important, and holding positions while covering each others back is also important. So make sure you include this in your strats. Strategic Positioning gives you an edge in the battle, I mean if you know the exact timings when you will reach a certain point and when your opponent will reach there you got an advantage and time required to sort out how you will handle him. Strategic  Positioning
makes enemy susceptible to your attacks and they don’t have enough time to react to your attack.

Always Run fast and be active, save as much time as you can to reach your position as early as possible because if you are all set for your opponent you have the advantage.

Train Yourself with Weapons
Weapons are most important part of the game, choosing the weapon that suits your playing style or your role in the team is always recommended. To check which weapons suits your playing style better check all of them in public servers, Test  your gameplay with every weapon and then choose that best suits your playing style and your role in the team.

Master  that weapon first, Perfect every aspect of that weapon. You can check the weapon from different perspectives, How fast you can run with that weapon ?, How much is the recoil of that weapon, What attachments you need in different situations ?, How many frags you can get in a single magazine of that weapon?.

These are few basic aspects of a weapon you need to look when you choose weapon of your choice. Once mastered the your first weapon give others try , choose different weapons for different roles now and master them. Same rules apply here too check different aspects of these weapons and then experiment with them . Experimenting helps always you learn new things so don’t stop at any point of your learning and keep going till you there is nothing left to learn which will never be the case.

Grenades are importing and throwing them at famous camping spots make them lethal if a game supports charging of grenade always throw charged grenades because the players won’t even have a chance to move or react. Using Stun and Flash grenades effectively makes you a lethal killer, so always experiment with grenades throw them at the start of the round or save them to toast camping enemies.

Learn to React Fast
In a First Person Shooter your every reaction decides your fate so learn to react fast. There are certain things that give you time to aim your enemy when you face them head on 4 feet away. You can jump, crouch or prone it all depends on how you much you are comfortable with each of these but if you have a solid aim we are golden no need for these.

Be Fresh,Healthy and Enjoy the Game
You don’t have to play all day to improve your lame skills, 4 hours a day in two sessions of 2-2 hours enough for a day. Don’t over play the game or you will get bored and once you get bored, you don’t enjoy the game then you won’t learn any thing. Have fun while playing you will find out lot of new things even if you are playing bad because you are not concentrating.  Keep yourself healthy, don’t let yourself dry out, get a good sleep, after waking up don’t just jump into gaming wait a good one hour before you play the game. Fill your appetite or it will distract you during your game.

Get  Good Gear
Good Gear is always recommended in case of First Person Shooter Online Multiplayer games, it has a huge impact on your overall gameplay , good mouse, good keyboard, and headphones certainly take your skills to a whole different level.