Ju-on: The Grudge director wants to scare Wii users

Takashi Shimizu is a famous Japenese director who directed a horror film named Ju-on also known as The Grudge(which is an American remake of the original movie).Now he want’s that Wii users should also realize the grudge in a game named as Feel.

He is working with AQ Interactive for this game and the only thing which we know yet is that the Wii remote will act as flashlight andĀ  battery of the flashlight will act as the health meter.

Those who have watched thisĀ  movie can think of the atrocious horror factor that the game will reveal.So It is suggested that weak hearted people should not play this game as Shimizu himself is supervising this game and the fear factor in this game may render them unconscious.

Lets see if he succeeds to capture the same flavor in the game. Game will be out on Wii this summer in Japan.