H.A.W.X Review – Battle It Out in the Air

Crenshaw and his teammates fight for the justice and peace by supporting countries as a private agency fighter. When i played first two missions of H.A.W.X, I thought Vegas series was more difficult than H.A.W.X. and I will beat the game in two or three days. Let me tell you, it took me much longer than i expected to beat it on the normal difficulty. It is due to the fact that as the game progresses missions become longer and tougher which is a cool but time-consuming.

We all know that Tom Clancy is famous for his unique titles, he has produced trademarks in FPS(Vegas series and Ghost Recon) and stealth(Splinter Cell), didn’t get much anticipation in Strategy(End War) field though. In Air Fighting he has made another trademark i think considering the action combined with stunning graphics.

Actually there are only few games like H.A.W.X. containing some real dogfight and thrill. I remember when i played a game named“Dogfighter”.That game inspired me alot as it contained some serious air fight,although the whole game passed in a house and the planes in the game were mere toys.

After that i didn’t play any game like that but now H.A.W.X. reminds me of that game.But what makes it special? Want to know?

  • First of all the control over plane is easy,not like real time simulations in which we mostly get our plane crashed before finding an enemy.What?It is not realistic?Aww come on,I mean reality is always not necessary for fun The 360 turn of the plane,which brings you right behind the enemies looks good when you have assistance off..Full marks on the plane control from me.
  • Graphics as always are stunning making gamers enjoy the action more closely.
  • Planes and weapons are unlocked as you progress in the game.Every time you clear a mission,you are awarded with a new plane best suited for the net mission.You can either select the same plane or choose your favorite plane from the unlocked ones.Ranking and promotion system is based on the progress in the game,more xp points faster is the improvement in the rank.weapon advancement follows the same procedure.Multi lock missiles and ground target missiles are there with some long range and automatic tracking missiles.
  • Wingmen are present for the support.You can either order them to cover your ass or order them to kick enemies ass.In Some mission allies are also there to help you out.
  • Missile evading system is supported by ERS system.You can either turn on your ERS and follow the path to evade the missile or you can do it on your own if you are skillful enough (keep the plane turning and you will evade it :P).But still there are some ERS based missions for more accuracy and safety(most skilled portion of the game).Flares are also present for the alarming locked situation to evade.
  • Multiplayer of the game is somewhat annoying as it takes hell of time to take down opponents plane.Co-op mode is there too and players can play all the available missions and a player can join even when the session has been started but the problem is that only the host receives the extras awarded for completing the level. So every one needs to host in order to get rewards,so one should better complete the single player campaign first before trying out the co-op mode.

Overall H.A.W.X. is a great Air Fight experience. Hope more games like H.A.W.X. will come as Air based games are few and far between.



Overall, H.A.W.X. is a great Air Fight experience. Hope more games like HAWX will come as air-based games are few and far between.