Konami Reveals Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

I know most of us believe although I don’t that Fifa is better than Pro soccer regarding the flare and the pace of the game. If we compare the the latest sequels of both the developers PES has an edge. There are two or three basic reasons of disappointing Fifa09,most important of which is the restricted movement and lack of ball control.An important advancement in PES 2009 was that it included the official UEFA Champions League tournament.

Rights from the football world is something that Konami has been lacking from the beginning but they are getting results and recently Konami has announced that PES 2010 will be coming somewhere in autumn this year.

What are the issues that Konami should resolve  in this version?The only factor as I mentioned before is that they should go for the maximum rights this time.Some might say that there should be a change in Graphic engine and it should be more detailed,which is in my opinion not necessary as the graphics in PES 2009 were far more better than the previous games.

Second biggest issue that Konami should overcome is the multiplayer system of the game. FIFA is liked and played in competitions because of the simplicity in its multiplayer connecting system while in case of PES its somewhat troublesome.

Anyhow let’s hope that Konami will not disappoint this time too and will come up with an improved version. I am wondering, when EA will make a move? and  I am expecting a Champions League version too this time so stay tuned for further news and details.