Visual Guide to Just Cause 2

Rico Rodriguez is back but this time its Asia, Just Cause 2 is set several years after the original game. The CIA black ops agent Rico Rodriguez vocation in south America is cut short when old partner Maria Kane calls for his assistance in shooting down his old friend and mentor, Tom Sheldon gone rogue and hiding in Island Panau, located in Malay Archipelago.

Well the game has a sophisticated Enemy AI system this time around the enemy units are not puppet anymore. They react intelligently to your actions, commanding their squads, using surroundings in more tactical way and calling reinforcements when needed. Reinforcements can either be parachute units or Gunship helicopters.

Avalanche Game studious have integrated efficient Combat system this time around enabling enemies to respond tactically to the combat situations. Rico has a whole new arsenal at his disposal this time from laser rocket launches to remote triggered C4 Charges and more then 2000 parts to upgrade your weapons and Vehicles.

All the features in the game have been redesigned to look more realistic and the deadly stunt system has been integrated with the basic skills of Rico. I played the Original and all the reservations I had about that game have been resolved this time around.