Godfather II Finally Hitting Stores On April 7th

Godfather II was a long awaited game.Game was expected to release in February,but its release was delayed and no date was confirmed.

Recently EA‘s officials announced that Godfather II will hit the stores of North America on 7th of this month.

Game will reach Europe after 2 or 3 days. Good news is that the game is coming to Xbox360 ,Ps3 and PC on the same day.Furthermore EA has announced that there will be some premium content coming at the end of this month.DLC will basically consist of a bundle of 3 items.

  • The first provides five top-class guns with no questions asked.($4)
  • The second provides one top-class mobster with no questions asked($4)
  • The third includes  Pentangeli map pack ,offering brand new Junkyard and Cuba multiplayer areas.($6.75)

Alternatively players can purchase this in one bundle as Corleone bundle.($10)