6000 Zombies at once says Capcom, Dead Rising 2:FTW

Dead Rising 2 will be coming to PC port as well thats the headline I must say but the most exciting news this time from GDC 09 was Capcom’s promise of showing 6000 zombies on a big screen in the game huh ? How cool is that 6000 Zombies, Hords of zombies coming again and again just to have you in dinner, sounds interesting. Well Forget the last game, lame controls and all that but wtf 6000 zombies, Is it really Possible ?.

Flash Back
Dead Rising 2 is under development at Vancouver based  Blue Castle Studios with Tokyo based Inafune acting as Producer.
Watch the official trailer.

Dead Rising 2 will be based on Gambling heaven like Las Vegas called Fortune City. Set several years after Dawn of the Dead similar mass massacre, this time zombification is going unchecked in the US and you are Hero so go and kick their asses simple. The game’s storyline follows the best selling novel World War Z which is incredibly good.

Players in this game will be provided with new tools to fight the Zombie hords and survive in the deadly environment. There is no news yet when this game will be released but it will multi-platform that’s confirmed.