What’s New In Resistance 2 DLC?

Although the game was PS3 exclusive,Resistance 2 provided gamers somewhat a unique shooting environment.Insomniac announced a DLC for the game a few days back and it was scheduled to release today.

So the DLC  will be on air anytime  today,probably late night.The Content pack has both free and paid components. Free content will be featuring a patch version 1.5, and the paid content will be featuring some new maps referred as Aftermath map pack.

Free Content
The patch included in the free content will contain some new tweaks e-g 30 percent experience bonus for cooperative mode and reduction of sprint speed of the core carrier in the Core Control multiplayer mode etc. Moreover patch will feature a new mode named

Meltdown mode,in which players will fight for the control of spawn points “A reminder of original Resistance”.New co-op difficulty – Superhuman has been added as a mega, ultra-hard mode for the co-operative campaigns. The patch will furthermore allow a local co-op player to sign in with his PSN profile, saving his accumulated scores.

So gather your friends once more and face all the invasion again in more fierce manner this time.
Paid Content
You will have to spend $5.99 to get your hands on some new fascinating maps of Resistance 2, and I must say it is worth it if you look at the content in the Aftermath map pack.It will include 3 maps named Aftermath,Pit Stop and Outpost.

Aftermath:The map supports up to 20 players in deathmatch and team deathmatch,having some interesting strategic points.Map is large enough to support 20 players properly.

Pit Stop:This map includes 10-player-max death match and team death match games.This map is somewhat like shipment or killhouse in COD4 MW,no place to hide and open killing.Fun for aggressive shooters but perhaps you may not like this map as almost no strategy will work here.

Outpost:This map is another 20-player map like Aftermath.It has some forest appearance (so the strategic points are there to explore) and have the modes like Team Death match, Death match and core control.

In addition to the map pack, six new skins for competitive mode will be available for 99 cents each. So what are you waiting for? It might be already there.