Ubisoft announces R.U.S.E a Realtime Strategy Masterpiece. Are they Bluffing ?

Ubisoft never bluff’s but their recently announced Realtime strategy game R.U.S.E does. In this game Ubisoft has introduced new card mechanics gameplay, confusing ? Well You are given a card randomly at the start of every battle, you can activate various kinds of deceptions against your opponent by the use of this card e-g: you can create Fake tanks, send them to your enemy who see the threat as real, get your enemy prepare for a land battle while you attack from the skies.

It all depends on the mystery card you have but don’t forget your opponent has the same mysterious card with him also so playing deception smartly is the key to your success in the Battle.

Their are total of six factions in the game each with its unique ability, weaknesses and Strengths and various elements of resource gathering as well. Game will be released at all three plateforms PC, Xbox360 and Playstation 3 in Winter.
Ubisoft released the First trailer of the game at Game Developer Conference showing glimpse of the game. Watch it here.