Intel lowering Prices Further…

Well we all know Intel’s reputation in computer chip manufacturing market.They have been enjoying a good reputation for a long time now. Digitimes has revealed that Intel is planning to lower the CPU prices by 20% next month.

Now if you see the chart their,it will be evident that the prices are cut short from dual core to quad.News is pleasant ofcourse as the prices of budget PC’s will also go down, But I was wondering why are they lowering these prices again?

The question at once appears to be foolish and the simple answer to it is probably they are launching new level technology(Latest versions of Corei7 CPUs) which is quite expensive at the moment.

Actually the computer chip technology has been progressing rapidly since the last two years and Intel has been facing a fierce competition from the rival companies like AMD.This lowering(rapid lowering i will refer) might be some sense of un-easiness or some type of long term plans. And what I have heard is that couple of industry experst are already saying that Amd will have better times then Intel in near future.

But again these are only predictions, and currently Intel is stronger and the odds in the present can not go against them. So lets wait and see.Anyway I am  planning to buy another gaming pc as the prices are going down now.You never know what happens next.I will try to be in touch with the tussel going on between the two great giants.