Do You Want To Buy Prince Of Persia: Epilogue DLC?

Games like Prince of Persia are boring sometimes who finds path and discovers the way when you are stuck some where and have no idea where to go. Keeping that in mind Ubisoft this time tried to do something and that something new was the introduction of Elike, Our Partner during the hectic battle with Evil Forces.

More of the gameplay was made simple due to Elika she saves you by the use of Powers her so god gave her cos she worships her it goes like that you know what I mean. But the ending was absurd Elika dies choosing to save the World not caring about herself.

So here is the twist The Epilogue Ubisoft is selling will change the ending of the game what it will do is this time you save Elika and find another way to Finish Ahriman. In Epilogue Prince Resurrect Elika setting Arhiman free to take over the World. SO now the prince will fight Arhiman againĀ  and stop him we all know that.

The gameplay changes introduces in the epilogue will include the removal of light seeds and less exploration paths and I am not gonna give you any more info about the game why ? Play it and find out how Prince again beats the dark forces of Arhiman and I can assure u there is much content in it to pay 10$ for this epilogue.