What’s New In Resident Evil 5?

Capcom has been entertaining gamers with Resident Evil series a horror based third person shooter.Although it has been difficult to assign a proper genre to the game, horror factor always had the prime importance.The game was much  anticipated  after RE4 and it did not disappoint the fans and was able to deliver the goods to a large extent.

Gameplay of RE5 is quite similar to the previous version with some changes.Introduction of a Partner and its role is the major change in the current title.

The game begins with Chris Redfield, An agent of the B.S.A.A (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) found in a mysterious place  Kijuju in Africa.After meeting Shiva Alomar situation turns from bad to worse as Chris tries to prevent the misuse of the biological weapons by terrorists.

Now the introduction  of Sheva this time has provided somewhat a different rather new touch to RE5’s gameplay.
One cannot deny the that the intelligence and sharp shooting skills  of Sheva are supportive, but again those who don’t prefer the A.l support wont appreciate this.

Main factor in the horror based games has been the” tension for survival”and fear of being alone.But recently developers have given it a new dimension, by introducing a partner in the game.

Now the survival of the comrade adds a bit more tension in the ranks making the storyline a bit more curious and interesting.One thing that most gamers will not prefer probably is that you cant swamp weapons with her,while you can exchange ammo with her. Anyhow one thing is for sure that your ammo wont be wasted and you will sometimes feel that she is doing better than you.

Another annoying thing is that she can’t use explosives or weapons of mass destruction.Offline co-op mode is not much pleasing too as the screen splits into half, depriving both the players from the full effects of the game.

Overall game is good  with stunning graphics and some interesting gameplay, but I doubt that if the game will find its way to legendary status as previous versions.I haven’t mentioned everything about the game here as it  makes game more predictive when you play it.