Fight Night Round 4 Ali Vs Tyson Kickass Fight

Who doesn’t like boxing and who doesn’t like boxing greats like Ali and Mike Tyson well, you don’t if you are a materialistic  noob. I am sorry but F*** it I don’t care if Mike Tyson was a bloody rapist and I don’t give a damn what Ali did in his life.

What I do care about is I really loved watching their fights, it was great entertainment for all of us and we really loved those iconic fights. Well if you have been missing these greats  now you have a chance to watch them again only this time the outcome of the match will be decided by your skills in the game.

Yes game, Sony has finally announced that Fight Night Round 4 will be coming to playstation 3 as well and will be featuring these two greats against each other may be not much details yet.  Here is what Mike has to say about it:

“I’m honored to be on the cover of Fight Night Round 4 with Ali. He was a special champ, and I have the highest respect for him as a person and a fighter” said Tyson. “People always ask me if I think I would have beaten Ali if I had the chance to fight him when we were both in our prime. Now you can figure it out for yourselves. Fight Night puts you right in that ring and gives you the gloves to settle the score.”

The game will be coming in july 2009 and will be released both on PS3 and Xbox360 so don’t worry its us the PC guys who are doomed as always.