EA finally released C&C:Generals lost mission:Black Sheep

Celebrating the Sixth Aniversary of the legendary RTS game Command & Conquer: Generals  EA announced the release of the controversial Global army mission: Operation Black Sheep the mission which wasn’t included in the original game released in 2003 and until now have been securely kept at EA Los Angelas studios.

Command and Conquer: Generals _toxin-tractorOperation Black sheep was originally the third mission in Global Liberation Army in which we are assigned with a Toxin Tractor modified to spray a deadly Corrosive agent and ordered to eliminate a town that had been  corrupted by the USA’s propaganda.

While the mission was removed from the game the Toxin Tractor remained in it and was available in Skirmish and Multiplayer modes.
Command & Conquer : Generals fans can now download Black Sheep mission for free. Download the Mission Black Sheep.

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