F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origins Review – The Reasoning

I know its too late for the review of the game as the game might have been played by many of the fans. The reason for being late is that I was wondering that why fear could not score as high as before? Most of the players said that it was average. So I decided to complete it first and then write the review.

I am not going to discuss the details of the story here.I will discuss some of the issues which are key to this game and most propagated.As far as I think the game was awesome and had the same taste as the original ones.I admit that there are some issues regarding blood and the shooting style this time but they cannot be regarded as the major drawback.

The most interesting thing about which I am happy about is that the suspense about the story was maintained just like the original fear.So it is the major plus point in it.Nothing is wrong with the reflexes, they are perfect as the original one.

One question that might be confusing was did it start from where the original game left? Actually, the game started from the explosion after a small exposition.

The same nuclear bomb from the first game explodes, Aristide slips away, and you get sent to the hospital where you’re equipped with the same hyper-reflexive actions as the ‘Point Man’ from the first game so the two parts are definitely related, Anyway the typical scary effects are the same.

The multiplayer is somewhat similar to the original one but there are some changes like to Capture the flag mode and a new mode called as Fall safe that owes a large debt to Counter-Strike.

The best of these is Armored Front, in which a player on each team can hop into one of those robotic exoskeletons while his or her teammates capture control points. I will again mention in the end that the game deserves more than it is getting currently.


F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origins

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