It seems that the designers are now more interested in designing sandbox type arcade racing games than the realistic racing games. Fuel is another sandbox type game in which players will race in an open world situation.

Asobo claims it’s going to be the biggest environment of any racing game,and probably they might be right this time.Anyhow the game will be fun to play as most of the arcade games are. The most interesting thing I found in the game is that players can create their own custom tracks on 5000 square miles area.

Astonished?Its true. It will be real fun,implementing your ideas on such a large field.Type of vehicle to choose from will obviously depend upon the type of event you are competing in.There are variety of vehicles to choose from.

The environments are based on actual places in America such as the Utah Salt Plains and the Grand Canyon. There’s also full 24 hour day and night cycle in place too. Game has a dystopic view where world is ruined by the ever alarming global warming.

Custom tracks can be shared with friends and 16 players can together set off on a journey.That’s another interesting thing.Its been quite a while since Codemasters have been working on it and it might get released in May,but no official date has been given yet.