Operation Flashpoint:Dragon Rising:A closer Look

Its now 8 years since we enjoyed the original Flashpoint. It was a nice fps liked by most of the fps fans. News have been circulating about its next version and I was exploring the official site of  Operation Flashpoint:Dragon rising, and found out that the game is almost done.It might be released in coming few months. Anyhow some new images and videos of the game have been updated there.

As we all know that the game is designed on the EGO engine and I personally have some high hopes of realism and detailed action.This time the game will not be a cold war type, but rather it would be a fight on the resources.

Players will be acting as an American troop,taking care of the conflict.I wont be discussing any further details because talks should be over now and we should get our hands on it.

I will be coming up with a review as soon as the game is released this summer as mentioned on the official site.The game will be released on PC, PS3 and XBox360 on the same date probably. Above all it will be coming to PC too.