Metal Gear Solid Online Scene Expansion Pack Details

Sony has announced details of the upcoming  Metal Gear Online Scene  expansion pack which is expected to be released this march.
“There will be tons of new content to keep old and new players alike entertained: new maps, special characters, new gear, and of course a couple surprises” says Brandon Laurino at  Sony’s official blog.

Metal Gear Online Scene Expansion pack will have commercial area design Outer Outlet, A huge mansion named Hazard House and  Ravaged Riverfront a huge map dissected from the act 3 of Metal Gear Solid 4 in single player game and above all this expansion pack will be coming with the two long awaited special characters Raiden and Vamp, both with impressive special abilities and offensive power.

Here are the few screens to give you a better idea….of whats coming in this expansion pack.