World in Conflict: Soviet Assault(Expansion Pack)

Good news for the fans of World In Conflict. Ubisoft is coming up with an expansion pack named Soviet Union in the Q1 of this year (It may  just be coming).
The Soviet Union will contain the original game and the expansion pack.This massive strategy game was loved by many gamers and had high scores too.They are back now with some more toys to play with.

The new missions share the fantastic story, visuals, and enthusiastic gameplay of the original World in Conflict, but all of them introduce some new twist or take on the formula.Some changing is also there in the war lobby in the multiplayer.

They have decided to not split the multiplayer community into two parts. This means that everyone that owns World in Conflict gets access to the multiplayer versions of the new maps via a downloadable update.Working on this expansion pack is almost over and game is almost set to release.Lets see what new flavor of WW2 we will taste this time.