Unreal Tournament 3:Titan Pack coming this March

Epic has confirmed a major map pack for Unreal Tournament 3,The Titan pack.This new map pack will release on March 5, and will have the following updates:
•    Two new gametypes: Greed and Betrayal
•    One new mutator: Titans
•    16 new maps: 6 Deathmatch, 4 Warfare, 3 CTF, 3 VCTF
•    Two new weapons: Stinger Turret and The Eradicator Cannon
•    Two new deployables: The X-Ray Field and the Link Station
•    One new powerup: The Portable Slow Field
•    Two new characters: Kana of the Ronin and Nova of Liandri
•    One new vehicle: The Axon Stealthbender
This map pack will be available as free download exclusively for PS3 and PC versions of the game.