Battlestations: Pacific Preview

Well, Eidos is back with some more World War 2 action. Battlestations:Pacific will make players feel Pacific closely.This historic real time strategy is the amalgam of strategic elements and vehicle based action.This time land based troops are also included in the game and you can either choose yourself as a commander of the army or individually can take control of any combat vehicle such as a Fighter plane or a Ship.

Game includes campaigns of both US and Japanese forces.The interesting thing here is that the developers of the game have made a scenario of  Japanese victory which  might be the most captivating scene of the game. I am quite intrigued to know that how will we change the course of history.

Designers of Pacific admit that it was a difficult task to make such a scenario.

One of the missions in the game is the capture of Port Morseby which Japanese could not pursue due to the battle of Coral sea.Midway has put this mission so that the gamers may realize that how it would be if Japanese had captured the port.What might be the situation?And how the defenders may have dealt the attack.

So basically in this game, gamers will rewrite the history while fighting through the Pacific which surely is interesting.The game is expected to be released this April.