NFS:World Online EA’s Generocity or a Wild Card ?

EA has announced that they will be releasing  Free to Play Online PC game NFS: World Online this summer in asia and later in the West.
The game is being co-developed by Black Box and EA’s Online gaming studio in Singapore and the first testing session is expected to start this march.
Released in Asia first this game will enable player to choose and customize the vehicles of their choice and take on all of Asia online before heading to West.

Jon Neirman, President of EA Asia  said:   “We’re thrilled to bring this EA-owned property to Asia and to begin our self publishing model in Taiwan and Hong Kong. We look forward to the results of this testing phase for continued improvement in providing the best service to online gamers across Asia.”
Explaining the game’s launch EA’s Marketing executive Keith Munro said:
“This is not so much a proof of concept – it is a full-fledged launch in a market that we are very ambitious toward,”.
“This Play 4 Free action racing game will give Need for Speed fans the most licensed cars, parts and game modes ever in Need for Speed’s history”.
“Players will prove their racing supremacy through the sophisticated online matchmaking features and fully customize their profile and their ride.
“Once Need for Speed World Online has been successfully deployed in Asia, we will expand the game’s reach by offering the service to PC gamers around the world,”

This Free to play game will surely inspire the gamers around Asia and will be more then enough to build solid reputation for the franchise across Asia.