Hottest PS3 Titles of 2009

2oo9 is full of some astonishing titles for the ps3 users.2008 was a promising year, No doubt with the titles like Resistance 2, GTA4 and Final Fantasy and with the release of PlayStation Home, the implementation of the new trophy system and another big year of games, the PS3 has its eye set on the future. Let us now have a look to the most promising games that ps3 users will get their hands on.

Heavy Rain
Quantic Dream(designers of Fahrenheit)are coming with another stunner this time.The storyline,graphics and the gameplay is looking very impressive.Heavy rain will be a sure thing to play.

And the PS3 exclusive comes next.

Killzone 2
killzone 2 will  rock the floor of ps3 .The games official announcement date is 27th of the February,but the reviews of the game are already present on the web.Gamers are itching to get their hands on this shooting genre.This will be a sure entertainer.

That’s how you make a Sci-Fi open World adventure game and make it fun on top of that. Prototype 2 anyone now ?

Prototype is a sort of  game where players will be able to manipulate some super powers.The creators of Hulk:Ultimate Destruction are coming up with prototype this time.You will try to pursue the secret of your identity and while doing this there will be drama full of action.

The game is similar to prototype being sandbox type.The game allows the players to choose from good or  bad. The game is being developed by Sly Cooper creators Sucker Punch, which doesn’t really help the violent inFamous, but every company has to start somehow.The game can be included in the top games coming this year.

Assassin’s Creed 2
Well Ubisoft are determined once more to feel you like an Assassin.The plot of the game is not very much known,but we can trust Ubisoft for it.I am sure that this game will be better than the first one as first part had to face some criticism.Ubisoft is good at covering up the drawbacks, and they will surely be trying to improve the second part.

God of War III
The war between gods and titans and the ultimate powers will become more intense this time.With the amazing graphics of the game,gamers will find as if they are fighting in a Hell created on earth.This Title is looking most promising from the preview  aspect.

PES 2010

Being a football fan PES has been one of my favorites. Konami has been improving to compete EA in the soccer field.
PES 2009 was something like fruit bearing to the designers of this game.I personally found it much  improved regarding graphics depth of the field.The gameplay was as usual great.  It had some new things as they were in FIFA.
I am pretty confident that they will come up with some surprise this year too.

I Am Alive
Ubisoft will be providing the ps3 fans another adventurous feat with this game.If you like adventure than this title will be a must one to try.
Game takes place in post apocalyptic Chicago when the world is dealing with water shortage crisis. The game will appeal to everyone who enjoys thrilling journey, being  full  of emotions the game challenges players to make life changing decisions along the way.
Uncharted:Among Thieves
The developers of the game have said that they will expand the adventures of Drake out of the jungles this time.It seems that we will find him in ruined city this time. Drake might become bigger than Lara Croft this time.

Mafia 2
Another descent title,that will probably be better than the first one.Those who liked the first part will surely like it too.
With much improved graphics Mafia 11 will take you closer to the crime world.

Well these are some of the titles which i found more wanted. Please don’t think that they are written according to good to best sequence or vice versa. I have placed them randomly.There are some others which i haven’t mentioned yet.The reason is that we still don’t know whether these games will turn out to be as such we are looking for, Only the time will tell.