Gears Of War Pc version-certificate expired error

Fans of Gears Of War(PC version) received an unpleasant surprise on 29th of January.

One of the posters on the Epic’s official forums reported that they received an error while loading the game.They claimed that they cannot run it with the modified code, and reinstalling also did not solve the problem.
The event happened because of the expiry of the Gears Of War digital certificate.Those who tried to connect the game after the expiry of the certificate had to face that error message. Gamers already playing the game,were exited from the game and faced the same error.

Anyway the good thing here is that Epic is working on a permanent fix with Microsoft. Epic Games community manager said that they were surprised themselves, and assured that they will come up with a fix soon. On the other hand a quick temporary solution was presented on different forums.This solution did help gamers to reconnect but cannot be regarded as permanent solution.

The solution was to adjust your system clock before the certificate expiry date that is 29th January.The certificate apparently checks itself against an individual user’s internal system clock, and by adjusting the system clock the game can be played. It has solved problem for the time being,but we are expecting the permanent fix from Epic soon.