Google Flags entire Web as Malware..

Last night i was searching for few topics about hacking as it is the topic of my presentation tomorrow, but i was surprised to see that every link in the search results had a warning message under it ” This site may harm your computer”.

At that time I could,nt know that this was actually a hiccup at google’s end as i was in hurry to get my work done as early as possible.
I am sure some of you guys also have been through this as all the blogosphere is abuzz about the complaints given by the unhappy web surfers.

The problem appears to be centered around the google safe browsing API even that returned a “This site may harm your computer” warning , the security diagnostics service that powers Firefox’s malware blocking service.

This Screen shot tells all :

I wonder how much this episode has damaged the reputation of the google but its still too early for us speculating anything about reputation right ?