Can Game Addiction Become Life Threatening ?

A 23-year-old Beijing game addict was rushed to a hospital after swallowing five pieces of saw blades in an attempt to commit suicide, the Beijing Legal Times reports.

The man “kept talking incoherently about how to win his favorite computer games, even after being sent to a Beijing hospital ICU” on Sunday. According to the report the man has been addicted to computer games since  junior high school, but his condition worsened recently. His  parents said that their son’s obsessive gaming habits had become worse recently.

It could be an issue of the media in China writing more about the issue because it became very high profile recently, but even if that was the case,  it’s worse there than in other parts of the world.
My request to all the gamers is that its good to have passion about games, but one should not take it too far.

I have read several other cases like that, people ruining their lives for nothing.This thing also applies to pro gamers. Defeat is a step towards victory, its not the end of the world.