Free Gaming Magezines For Gamers

If you are looking for some spicy and interesting magazines than gamerzines can solve your problem.These are the professional magazines written by some top class journalists.

The good news is that these magazines are free to download in the pdf format.Gamerzines currently publish four magazines: one for Xbox- 360, one for PlayStation 3, one for PC games and one for Hand held games (DS, PSP & mobile phones). They also publish an Official magazine for Pro Evolution Soccer fans.

You can subscribe to Gamerzines for regular updates and can download the magazines either from here or through Gamerzines directly.Some of the magazines offered by them are:

P3Zine Issue 23
Top 20 PlayStation 3 games for 2009 previewed – from CoD: Modern Warfare 2 to Fat Princess. Plus Skate 2, Street  Fighter IV, Tom Clancy’s HAWX, Flower and more.Necessary dose for PS3 users. Download

360Zine issue 26-Xbox-360
Street Fighter IV preview – hands-on coverage. Top 20 Xbox 360 games for 2009.Silent Hill:Homecoming review! Plus Ninja Blade,Afro Samurai and more.
360 fans cannot afford to miss it. Download

PCGZine issue 25-PC Games
Dragon Age Origins – Bioware’s new RPG – world exclusive  preview with exclusive screens MMO preview,The OldRepublic. Spicy pc news and previews. Download

The Last Remnant Magazine
A full 11 page free magazine dedicated to The Last Remnant. From the makers of FinalFantasy, their strongest RPG yet with innovative gameplay & compelling story. Download