A Glance on Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft has been providing some special Operating systems to the computer users since Widows 95. After that they developed Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP (different versions) and then Windows Vista.

Now they have introduced another OS named Windows 7, Windows 7 can be considered as Vista with some advanced features and some bug fixes etc.

The following features are prominent and most talked about:

Improved Taskbar
Microsoft is consolidating the various methods of launching programs into a new Windows 7 taskbar, the strip that traditionally appears along the bottom of the computer screen in Windows.

The taskbar is larger and offers new ways to quickly interact with programs. For example, a feature calls “Jump Lists” provides a quick glimpse of recent files and features associated with a particular program when a user right-clicks on the program’s icon in the taskbar. So, it makes the things quicker than before.


Better and easy search
The new Windows 7 search function will provide a unified method of searching USB drives, external hard drives and other computers on a home network, from one centralized location.

Window management
Dragging an open window against the left or right border of the desktop automatically re-sizes it to fit one half of the screen. That makes it easier to quickly adjust the size of two windows — for cutting and pasting text between documents, for example. Likewise, dragging a window on the top border of the desktop quickly expands it to the full size of the screen.

System Tray
Officially known as the “Notification Area,” Microsoft finally give users the tools to address the desktop area, which is often disorganized. Users can have any icon that is displayed in the System Tray, the icon to change the position and whether it is allowed to attract users with the notification.

Home Groups
Windows 7 is to introduce a new feature called Home Groups network that aims to ease some of the computer network to share files and peripherals – as if all that is located on a PC the same. Although the features of Windows Networking since always aims the same, In fact configuration to use the network printer is still too difficult for most users.

Peeking features in Windows 7  are easier for users to quickly read the content in one window without the need to interact with the other window. Placing mouse over the thumbnail window on the Task Bar will change all open windows except for a transparent window is selected. In addition to “snoop” window applications, users can also tout the Windows desktop.

Multimedia Streaming
W7 add features delivery media files from PC to the various tools that support streaming music such as the Sonos system through the network. Microsoft said that the W7 will change to the file in a format that can be played by your media player.

In W7 Microsoft provides a new theme that suits better with the preview feature in the original size and allow you to save custom themes with just a few clicks. Microsoft also plans to change Themes Styles.

Nice Paint
Windows Paint is to get big upgrade, now appearing with the Ribbon UI of Office 2007 that has now become standard in many Microsoft applications.

Touch Screen
Windows 7 is the first version of Windows that supports multi-touch that allows you to control the OS with both hands. Many still doubt whether the multi-touch will change the PC world as it changed world’s mobile phone. Currently there are almost no PC outstanding in the market that supports features touch screen other than the Touch Smart from HP and Dell Latitude XT.

These features present in the beta version can rate the Windows 7 as a better windows than the previous version, But again OS like linux still have their own roll.

Rumors are there about its official release in 2009, but the expected release date of this OS is in mid of 2010.