Call of Duty World at War Co Op Tunngle/Hamachi Guide

Call of Duty World at War won the hearts of the gamers with its popular unbeatable and addictive co opĀ  zombie mode. Seeing the record downloads of the maps that were added thanks to popularity of in game Nazi Zombie map Nacht der Untoten.

The idea inspired lot of games in development, or the one’s released to have modes similar to that. Back in the day every game seemed infected by zombies, and fans played it like crazy.

When Treyarch released Verrukt , another zombie map to continue the ongoing zombie slaughter.It saw great success in terms of revenue which resulted in the release of two more zombie maps Shi No Numa and Der Riese.

Anyhow if you fancy playing the zombie mode of the game on LAN online you can use hamachi but even if you are connected on local area network rather then virtual private network, you will have to use LAN Fix to play the co op mode of the game.

How to Play Call of Duty World at War Co Op Online

Step 1
Download Hamachi, version works smoothly if you face problems with the latest versions.

Step 2
Download Call of Duty World at War Co Op LAN Fix, or you can use this torrent to download it and fix the CD key in use issue.

Step 3
Put “CoDWaW_LANFixed.exe” into your game directory, and for co op mode you will use this executable to launch the game.

Step 4
Run Hamachi, create/join a network.

Step 5
Go to LAN games and create/join a co op game.

Both server and client need to start Call of Duty World at War using “CoDWaW_LANFixed.exe”. If you still have CD key conflict then try changing CD key using any keygen. LAN Fix for patch 1.7 is not out yet so you can’t play Der Riese yet.