20 Arcade Classics to Come to Oculus Arcade

Oculus Arcade will feature 20 classic arcade games from Sega, Midway, Warner Brothers, and Bandai Namco. Is this what we want for the "VR Experience"?

If you thought of one use for Virtual Reality headsets, would it be to play arcade games on it? This is exactly what is going to be available in the Oculus Arcade which will bring games from Sega, Midway, Warner Brothers, and Bandai Namco to the devices.

While this had been revealed at a previous conference event, the actual details of what games would be coming had not, or the number. What we now know though via VRFocus is that there will be 20 arcade games. This was also confirmed on BestBuys pre-order page for the Samsung Gear VR headset where it states:

“Purchase and play premium games

Plus, keep up with the best gamers in Twitch and play 20 Arcade classics in Oculus Arcade.”

With the companies involved in these games this will mean we can expect Sonic the Hedgehog to make an appearance, and similar games such as Pac-Man and other arcade classics. What these 2D games will look like in a Virtual Reality environment will no doubt be interesting. No doubt there will be a 3D representation of a world in which the actual game itself is projected into it in some form.

Although we can question games like this being brought into the Virtual Reality experience, there is a place for them, especially for retro fans. While we expect immersive experiences from the headsets like these there also needs to be other content to give some variety.

Are you interested in playing arcade games in Virtual Reality? Is this a good selling point? Let us know your thoughts below.


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