2-2-2 Role Lock May Become Mandatory In Overwatch Soon

Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment’s FPS Arena shooter in which the most emphasized trait is teamwork. Since Overwatch also features heroes with kits that counter each other, composition is a big factor. Team composition refers to the arrangement of roles and heroes in your team to fight the enemy. Up until now, Overwatch has granted liberty in shaping a composition however you want. By the looks of things, that may change soon as Overwatch could impose mandatory 2-2-2 role locks in competitive games.

Let me still explain a little better for non-Overwatch players. There are currently three roles in the game. Those are damage, tank, and support. Each game consists of six players on each side. The 2-2-2 composition refers to two damage, two tanks, and two supports.

Until now, Overwatch compositions could be anything. You could have 6 DPS, 6 Tanks or 6 supports. This allowed for a lot of creativity in what team comps you saw. There could be one very adept damage player being pocketed by 5 healers. The infamous GOATs meta was also comprised of three tanks and three support characters.

I have a feeling that GOATs was the initial reason for this 2-2-2 imposition. People hated GOATs for how it trivialized the game. Making very easy-to-play heroes very powerful. All the teams had to do was stick together and hit W basically.

At the same time, there have been some really cool compositions in the past. The dive meta with tanks and damage working together was always fun to watch. While the 2-2-2 does rid us of GOATs, it also might reduce things like Dive the same way.

The imposition of 2-2-2 is currently only applying to the Overwatch league. This still means there’s at least a 90% chance of it coming to the main game. In the competitive game mode at least. Furthermore, the role lock may also be to get rid of some of the community toxicity. A lot of arguments in Overwatch are over role selection.

Let’s see how this goes. At least Blizzard is trying to balance their game again. Instead of focusing on Overwatch 2.

Source: Resetra

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