Take a Look at 16 Minutes of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay

DICE has released a 16 minutes long Mirror`s Edge Catalyst gameplay video. The video shows one of the story missions which will be playable in the closed beta.

The video gives a lot of details about the game, its characters and the open world nature. The game introduces some new characters like Noah, who is the adopting father of the games protagonist Faith after her parents died.

Now lets talk about the free running gameplay mechanic; like the last game, free running is very fluent in Catalyst making jumping and sliding under the ducts core to your survival. Like the original, Catalyst also uses red color to highlight the path. However, you can take more than one path to reach your destination.

Open world of the game seems very vibrant and full of life. You can also take side quests like delivery jobs from some sort of terminals present at certain locations in the game.

During the Mirror`s Edge Catalyst gameplay video, we saw a female figure who says she has a job for the protagonist which looks like a side missions yet is full of twists hinting towards a lot of depth in the side content present in the game.

Combat in Catalyst is a huge improvement over the original. You can build speed momentum to dodge bullets. You can either run by the enemies in your way by just staggering them or take them head on and perform take-downs on them and then run.

There are also different ways to take enemies down like you can run on the wall and kick them in the face or jump using a counter and land lethal blows on your enemies.

Mirror`s Edge Catalyst releases for PC, Xbox one and PlayStation 4 on May 24 2016. A closed beta for the game will take place from April 22 to April 26.

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