15 Game Awards Reveals Promised Through Twitter Interview

A new interview on Twitter featuring Geoff Keighley has said that we’ll be getting 15 new Game Awards reveals for upcoming games that night. While we don’t know what most of them actually are yet (except for Left 4 Dead VR which was leaked earlier today), hopefully they’re something to get excited for.

The Game Awards has become one of the biggest gaming events of the year since it first began back in 2014, which many studios and publishers taking advantage of its audience to show off new or already-announced games with new trailers during the ceremonies.

This year will be no exception, and we’re hopefully going to be in for a treat if there are going to be 15 new Game Awards reveals at the event. We only know one of them, Left 4 Dead VR, and even that is suspect until it actually happens, so who knows what we’ll be seeing.

While many of the trailers shown might be trailers for games that were announced or shown at this year’s E3 like Cyberpunk 2077, Halo: Infinite, Doom: Eternal, and others, it’s equally likely that other upcoming games will also get some screen time at the show.

Everything else has already been announced for the Game Awards this week, considering that the event will be taking place this Thursday. All the nominees have been set up and the gaming crowd has voted on what games they believe deserve to take home their various categories during the event.

These categories include things like Game of the Year, Best Action Game, Best Action-Adventure Game, Best Art Direction, Best Audio Design, Best Community Support, and a number of different esports-related categories. You can vote for your own favorites before the Awards by following this link.

Hopefully all of the Game Awards reveals are games that will catch peoples’ interest, but we’ll just have to wait until Thursday to see. The Game Awards will be airing that day at 7:30 PM, Central Standard Time, or whenever that is for your own time zone.