14 Hottest Nintendo 3DS Games

Nintendo is all set to release their next generation portable console, the 3DS. While the console is still limited to launch titles, it’s an easy guess as that console will attain the market success, and also may well become a success considering the demand. We’ll have a look at what we think are the 10 hottest games so far announced or released.

The 14 hottest Nintendo 3DS games are given below.

14 Hottest Nintendo 3DS Games


RESIDENT EVIL: Mercenaries

Capcom is doing a favor to all the 3DS owners by releasing not one but TWO Resident Evil games. The first one being Resident Evil: Mercenaries is mainly catering to the hardcore fans who love the Resident Evil series for gruesome-obliterating action. As the name indicates, “Resident Evil: Mercenaries“ is based on the special Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil 4, and 5 where you have to kill as many enemies as you possibly can in a limited amount of time.

Players would be able to adjust their weaponry, upgrade their skills, and have the option of co-play with the help of wifi connectivity. However, The Mercenaries is not for everyone so if you’re the type who’s looking for a story/plot kind of thing, this game is definitely not for you. But for those of you who play for the action, you’ll probably LOVE this game.

METAL GEAR SOLID 3: Snake Eater 3D

Konami announced the re-release of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater on the Nintendo 3DS in spring 2011. This announcement was made at a Nintendo Conference held in Japan a few months ago.

A demo named “The Naked Sample” was put together and shown at the E3 last year. This demo gave the viewers a good idea of the sort of game graphics to be expected on the 3DS.  Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was a huge hit on the PS2 and it is expected to accomplish the same on 3DS.

RESIDENT EVIL: Revelations

As mentioned before, Capcom is giving a double treat to the RE fans by releasing two Resident Evil games.  Resident Evil: Revelations is the second of the two RE’s to be released for Nintendo 3DS. The sweethearts of many RE fans Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are back in RE: Revelations, where they find themselves on-board a haunted cruise ship and other various creepy locations around Europe.

“Revelations” is not a continuation of the Resident Evil saga, instead this game takes place somewhere between RE4 and RE5.  Now all the RE fans have to do is to wait until it’s released on the 3DS and enjoy!


Capcom has managed to squeeze all the action of Street Fighter IV into the portable Nintendo 3DS. The game allows you to not only compete with players locally but from all over the world thanks to the online versus mode.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition can be played in the normal mode and a new camera mode also allows you to get an over-the-shoulder view for an even more intense game play. The game is every bit as exciting as the Street Fighter on PS3 or the Xbox 360 and will surely appeal to the Street Fighter fans.


As with any other Mario game Paper Mario is likely to be a hit with the dedicated Nintendo fans.  The game is based on a whole new concept where Mario will gather various stickers from the world and stick them onto the environment to make progress in the game. The types of stickers that would be gathered and used will affect the outcome of the battles in the game.

KID ICARUS: Uprising

Kid Icarus will contain a blend of both air and ground combat. The lead character of the game named Pit will be battling a reborn-Medusa who isn’t quite as dead as he thought her to be. The trailer of the game got some good amount of attention in the last year’s E3. Let’s hope the 20 year wait is worth it!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time 3D is probably the most awaited game on the Nintendo 3DS.  Not only will the game have better graphics, there will be other improvements in the game too.

The developer of the game Eiji Aonuma himself has promised that various vexes in the previous game will be resolved in this one. For example the famously irritating waterfall temple will probably be not as annoying as it was, the aiming will be improved and Navi won’t be as annoying as she was.

For all the Nintendo 3DS owners out there, this game will probably be on top of the game-to-purchase list.

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle is a puzzle game that was released for the Nintendo 3DS. This is the 5th game in the series; however it is the 3rd story chronologically.

As the name indicates the story of this game revolves around a Mask of Miracle which has the ability to grant wishes to whoever wears it.  The game was a HUGE hit on its launch date; in fact it was the best selling 3DS game on the day of the launching with around 117,589 copies sold. Definitely worth a shot I’d say!

Starfox 64 3DS

Starfox 64 3DS is a space shooting game. This will be the third time this game will be re-released as it was released on Wii Virtual and iQue Player previously. The earlier version of this game on the Nintendo 64 was quite a success.

So what have they done to make this one better? Nothing. This will be the exact remake of the previous game but obviously with improved graphics and in 3D. Fans of the previous StarFox will surely want to get their hands on this one.

Nintendogs and Cats

As is obvious from the name Nintendogs and Cats is a game which brings dogs and cats together in one game. It’s a great pet simulation game for all those dogs and cats lovers out there. The game is pretty similar to the original Nintendogs but this time the animals are all in 3D.

Nintendogs and Cats makes great use of the 3D technology allowing you to throw various toys for your pet to catch and bring back and allowing you to dress up your pet. Another feature that has been added to the game is the facial recognition which makes use of the camera. Bring your face near the camera and see your pet get excited.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Well who hasn’t heard of the famous Monster Hunter World Series with their jawbreaking games and combat with creatures which keeps you entertained for a very long time. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is one of the best games in the franchise. It has it’s multiplayer which is a ton of fun with friends. It’s main story is remarkable one of the best and even guides new players into this phenomenal game.

If you are new to the series or even an old fan this is a must to play for all.

Shovel Knight

Yacht Club Games again at their best. The game is full of unique and mesmerizing stages based on water, air, and darkness elements. Each stage has it’s share of enemies which you must defeat as Shovel Knight. You can explore villages, collect trrssure and do some more beatdown. The end of the stage is greeted by a knight from the Order of No Quarter which you have to go against.

Although the game looks easy but don’t be fooled. The atmosphere and bosses all make the game both fun and difficult at some times.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Well if you have a 3DS it’s obvious that you buy yourself the best fighting game out there right?. Super Smash Bros is available on 3DS with a few changes from the original one. Most changes include different graphical style and a control scheme made for 3DS. The game consists of all the major characters from the Nintendo Universe. These characters are pit against each other in arenas taken from different games. Characters like Luigi, Link, Samus and many many more with new additions in the DLCs.

If you are into fighting games but don’t know which fighting games are good on 3DS buy this without a doubt as this game is good as it can be.

Pokemon Sun & Moon

Another game from one of the most acclaimed series out there. If you are a Pokemon fan which you most probably are then this a must for 3DS. The game is anew in concept. How you may ask?. Well you don’t have defeat gym leaders to progress in the game instead you will face trails and have to complete them in order to advance further in the game. In this game you have to show your mastery of Pokemon and understanding of the natural world. The game brings back old concepts like Mega Evolution and new concepts like Z Moves.

Pokemon fan or not this game is a must to try out and explore the world of Pokemon at it’s finest.

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