Guy Asked For Recommendations Regarding A $300 Minecraft PC For His Son And Was Gifted A $1300 PC Instead

The gaming community is an amazing thing and here we have a story of Steve that posted regarding recommendations for a $300 Minecraft PC for his son and what he got in return was something he would never have imagined. The guy got plenty recommendations and what he found out was that in $300 it could be done but the Minecraft PC would not be great and would hardly be able to run other games.

Steve mentioned that his wife had to switch his phone to silent mode because it had been buzzing all night but in all those messages was a message from a person that wanted to remain anonymous, so we do not know who the person is. The anonymous person talked about being in tech and how he was the same age when he started working with PC and that now he did it professionally.

The anonymous person offered to gift the guy a Minecraft PC. This seemed to be a joke at first and that is what this guys wife told him as well. According to Steve’s post:

My wife kept telling me its crazy and someone was messing with me. I stayed a little skeptical but I could tell through the conversations we had that this person was truly a good person looking to make a positive impact.

As of right now the parts have been bought and are in transit. Steve has got the confirmations for the purchase and has received the tracking codes of the parts. The configuration of the Minecraft PC is as follows:

Minecraft PC

With such a powerful PC Steve and his son will be able to play Minecraft at 4K and other games at 60 FPS at high settings as well. The GTX 1080 is one hell of a graphics card. This guy is really lucky. Also, check out the Xbox One S Minecraft Edition and what Destiny 2 fans have to say about the game.

Let us know what you think about this story and this Minecraft PC.

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