Rumor: South Park the Fractured But Whole May Make Its Way to Nintendo Switch

All of you might have heard about this famous retail chain in Australia, Sanity. Well, it has been revealed on their site that South Park: The Fracture truth is going to be released in March 2018 for the Nintendo Switch. According to the website, players will get to explore South Park on March 13; and to be honest this game would be a great addition to the Nintendo Switch games collection.

South Park The Fracture but Whole is developed and published by Ubisoft with the collaboration of South Park Digital Studios. This is a role-playing video game and is a sequel to the 2014 South Park The Sick of Truth. The game is played from a third person view and shares not exactly the same but few plots of the television series. In the game, the player is able to move around South Park freely, meet with others characters, complete different objectives with them.

There is a variety of heroes from which a player can choose from, each hero has his own unique ability. The player plays with one hero and a group of four allies alongside him and can use different sorts of attacks like hand to hand combat, ranged, or even use Fart attack.

The game was at first decided to be released on the December 2016 but it was postponed for nearly a year. It is already available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, apart from this listing, we have no reason to believe that South Park will come to Nintendo Switch as well.

Source: Reddit

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