The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Easter Eggs

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild easter eggs are found in abundance but aren’t that easy to find. It takes time and dedication find everything so if you are short of time and would like to focus more on the main storyline, you can choose to skip some and only go after easter eggs that are really worth it.

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Easter Eggs

For example, there is an NPC in the game who is modeled after the late Satoru Iwata. As a video game character, Iwata will live among us forever.

The music may not be a major part of the Breath of the Wild but it still has its moments. It features some classic tunes from previous games.

Lurelin Village is Outset island
Outset Island in a location form Legend of Zelda: Wind Breaker. The Island itself is not present, but the Lurelin Village in Breath of the Wild bears an uncanny resemblance to the island.

The game features many similarities such as landscape with similar beaches and cliffs and the over all shape of the island is very much the same. Also, the huts and a tower on the beach show the similarities in architecture of the two areas.


Although one of the most recently noticed easter egg, it is surly one on the most nostalgic to hardcore fans of series.

Ranch Ruins is Lon Lon Ranch
Another call back to one of the previous games in Breath of the Wild in Ranch Ruins,which bears resemblance to Lon Lon Ranch from Ocarina of Time.

Although most of the Ranch Ruins is in, well, Ruins, the charred remains of what might have been once Lon Lon Ranch, which was burned to ground for Ganon’s evil exploits remain true.

Its sad to see the ranch you once saved by winning a race in Epona is now in ruins, but still a great nostalgic moment.

Cocco Attack
One of the most interesting recurring easter egg in Zelda games, this has you attacked  by chickens if you dare to attack them. The easter egg is also in Breath of the Wild.

These vengeful chickens will attack anyone who hurts their compadre in Breath of the Wild. If Link is holding a Cocco, and the enemy hits you, the Cocco Revenge Squad will also target them, killing them once and for all. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Temple of Time
Once again, another area from previous, this one also from Ocarina of Time, you can find the Temple of Time in the game.

The temple can be found near the Great Plateau in the game. The temple, now in ruins, can also be fully explored, however, the interior is completely changed. The exterior is the same nonetheless.

Another easter egg at this location is that in the music in the temple, the notes have the music of Ocarina of Time, the Song of Time, embedded in them.

Dancing Dogs
Most games that feature dogs, feature them as enemies. In Breath of the Wild however, players ca befriend and tame dogs. These loyal companions will serve Link by helping him locate treasures, thus serving a practical purpose.

An interesting feature is that if Link crouches down near a dog, and twirls, the dog will start twirling too. It does absolutely nothing, except make you happy, and give the dogs a bit more personality.

Satoru Iwata
Satoru Iwata is the former CEO of Nintendo. The guy saved the company from brink of bankruptcy and into limelight with Wii and Nintendo DS. Nintendo Switch was his last creation before dying in 2015 of cancer, so its bound that Switch games e.g Breath of the Wild have his cameo.

To commemorate his contributions,developers created Botrick as a cameo for Iwata. The NPC bears uncanny resemblance, and provides helpful tips and useful information to Link, just as he did for Nintendo.

Lord of Mountains
Speaking of Botrick, he send you on an interesting lore hunt to find the Lord of the Mountains. He tells you f a mysterious being that dwells on top of Satori Mountain.

If players do so, they find a Ghostly Two Faced Horse. Also, Satori means enlightenment in Japanese, verb form of Iwata’s first name.

Its dangerous to go Alone
Many things in the game bears runes of Hyline text. This is then decoded by fans who use it to find hidden messages.

While many plagues in the game provide info on what this place is or funny reference, the most interesting one that many players recognize is the infamous dialogue “Its Dangerous to go Alone”.the text can be found on the map markers when seen from the scope.

The Giant Horse
A side quest in the game has you search for a giant horse, that will accompany you for the rest of the game. Once you get it, you cant shake the feelimg that you have seen it before.

Of course, it’s Ganon’s horse. Ganon is seen riding it throughout the franchise.

Some say that this one is a descendant to the actual horse, other say its called the Giant horse to as a reference to how big it appeared to Link when he was a child.

Dark Link
Dark Link is a character, villain, in Ocarina of Time. This outfit for Link can be purchased in the Breath of the Wild also from Kilton in Fang and Bone Shop, by trading monster parts. The set provides enhanced speed when running at night, and an appearance that terrifies NPCs.

To unlock it, you need to free the four divine beasts and do a LOT of monster grinding, but is surly is worth it.

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