10 Hardest Xbox 360 Achievements

Check out our list of Top 10 hardest Xbox 360 achievements of all time that require some serious work and patience to unlock

If you’re a gamer who considers himself a completionist or just enjoys getting a pat on the back for doing something difficult, then earning Xbox 360 Achievements is your endgame. Getting achievements in a game is very satisfying, at the same time it can be the most annoyingly tormenting task you’ve given yourself. It’s no surprise if the attempt to unlock achievements ends up with red-hot ears and a few chunks of hair in your hands. Here is our list of the 10 Hardest Xbox 360 Achievements.

10 Hardest Xbox 360 Achievements


10. Gears of War IV – Seriously 4.0

This is an achievement that’s in every title of this franchise but it’s never been this annoying. Seriously 2.0 from the second game was time consuming but it wasn’t too tough.  4.0 requires a combination of many things: You need to end the game on the Insane difficulty, find all 141 multiplayer ribbons, reach class 10 in all 5 Horde modes aswell as re-up Level 10, bring 5 Horde skills to level five, finish all Horde maps and ensure that you’ve secure rank placements in each mode. If you’re attempting this; Godspeed.

9. Call of Duty 4 – Mile High Club

Some would put this on number one while others would put it on 10. This xbox achievement is truly a test of mettle, and patience, and can becoming gruesomely tiring to re-attempt again and again. You’ll be in a plane full of crazy terrorists shooting at you, and you’ll have to eliminate them and finish the scenario within 60 seconds on Veteran difficulty, and then culminate in a hostage rescue. Doesn’t sound tough? We double dare you to try it.

8. Dead Rising – 7 Day Survivor

Like Seriously 2.0, this achievement isn’t too tough to get, it’s just terribly long. The game requires you to stay alive for 7 in-game days, which means roughly 22 real-life hours. You’ll have your health constantly depleting and the nearby ration in the mall is your only way of keep yourself alive, not to mention your weapons which you’ll have to decapitate your enemies with. If you have the resilience to complete this achievement, then I salute you.

7. Lost Planet Extreme Condition – Extreme Soldier

Everybody pretty much hates ‘complete the whole game under these circumstances’ achievements, yet they are the ones that are strive the most. Extreme Soldier’s case is similar. Complete all the missions on Extreme Mode and you unlock this achievement. It gives you 150 points, but only after you’ve exhausted yourself to the extent that if anyone touches you, you risk an aneurysm.


6. Guitar Hero 2 – Kick The Bucket

In order to get this xbox achievement you would have to satisfy one of the three following things. 1. Are a real retarded insane axer. 2. Practice for God knows how long and then even then get lucky enough to do it. 3. Devote your entire life to achieving it. That pretty much explains the difficulty of this achievement.

5. Guitar Hero 3 – The Inhuman Achievement

If you’ve heard the song Through Fire and Flames, you’ll instantly not want to try this achievement. This, one of the hardest xbox 360 achievements, demands that you complete this song on expert. If you’re thinking ‘that doesn’t sound too difficult’, then trust me, you haven’t heard the song.

4. Portal – Aperture Science

The game itself is pretty darn tough, and earning gold medals is no ordinary feat. This achievement demands that you earn gold medals on all Portal challenges. Because of the extreme difficulty of this achievement, it has been rated as one of the hardest achievements ever in gaming history.

3. Final Fantasy XI – Level Up Any Job To Max Level:

Obtaining just one of these achievements will take up to four to six months, that too only if you pitch in at least 8 hours of gaming a day. The fact that you have to pay to play online doesn’t really help the cause much. It is inconceivable that anyone would be able to get a full thousand points in this game; the world would probably end before they get close to it.

2. Ninja Gaiden 2

(Several Achievements) – Play this game or try to earn its achievements, either way you’ll be almost completely convinced that the team that developed Ninja Gaiden 2 had one objective: to make everyone fail while they laugh at it. This game has been dubbed impossible, over straining, unfair, cruel, and all the other negative emotion generating things you can think of. We totally agree with all of them. It’s touch-and-go between Ninja Gaiden 2 achievements and our number one hardest achievement, which follows.

1. Mega Man 10 – Mr.Perfect

Mega Man games have never ever been easy, heck they’ve always been ultra difficult. But when they start demanding that you clear the game without taking any damage, there are two things to do. Go jump in a river, or go jump in an ocean.

This is our number one hardest achievement of all time, and unlike some of the others doesn’t require 200 hours to complete or anything, it just needs pure skills, and skills that just no one would want to have since this is pure cruelty.

If you have completed this xbox achievement or even were three hours away from doing so till you got damaged a wee bit, then you totally give us the spooks.

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