10 Hardest Playstation 3 Trophies

What are the hardest PlayStation 3 trophies to acquire? We have the list of top 10 for you.

Trophy hunters who have been good at doing what they do are almost always aching for a trophy that will get them really working their hair off. If you’re wondering what are the most mind bogglingly difficult trophies on the PS3 then this guide will prove useful. This is our list of the 10 hardest Playstation 3 trophies that are a challenge to earn.

10 Hardest Playstation 3 Trophies

#10 Super Street Figher IV (Various Trophies)

Super Street Fighter IV was no easy game, and it took quite a lot of skills to bet Gouken and Akuma on Medium difficulty. But some of the trophies are so ridiculously demanding, such as beating Gouken on Hardest difficulty and winning. The ‘Trial Athlete’ is incredibly demanding but if you manage to finish it, you’ve gotten one of the toughest trophies in the game. If you’re going like ‘eh, I can do that’, then you’re either a Korean hardcore gamer or you have never really played the game.

#9 Mirror’s Edge: Superstar, Still Counting

This trophy can top the list, or it can be totally ignored. It demands perfection to an extent that may seem absolutely impossible. You have to receive a 3 Star ranking in almost every trial. Ouch. The thing that makes this trophy not-to-be-taken-too-seriously is that it is a DLC trophy and not necessary for the Platinum. Nevertheless it’s a real challenge for folks who are seeking for one. Still Counting’ is part of the main game and it’s a trophy that you only get once you score a trial star rating of 50.

#8 Mortal Combat vs. DC Universe: Supreme Champion:


There are many other trophies besides this one that can really catalyze anger and rage, but Supreme Champion tops the list. You have to complete all Kombo challenges to get this trophy, and though that seems like a verbally brief demand, it is a real pain in the butt. The day you manage to get this trophy is the day you should realize that it is time to finally start playing another game apart from this one.

#7 Demon’s Souls: Soldier:

Demon Souls seems to be pretty notorious when it comes to trophies. Everyone has a complaint or two about the difficulty level of many of their trophies, but the most bother is created by the Soldier’s Trophy. The Soldier’s Trophy necessitates that you acquire all the trophy weapons possible. If you’ve played the game, you’ll know exactly how difficult and time consuming that can be, and that’s precisely what it is.

#6 Tom Clancy’s END WAR: Gates of Fire:

There are very few players, if any at all, that have platinumed this game. Out of its terribly difficult trophies, Gates of Fire is the more famous one. In order to attain this Silver Trophy (yes, sadly it’s a silver trophy), you have to ‘defend Captial in Siege 20 Times in Theatre of War’. This is no easy feat, and seems to be the main obstacle- in-the-way in the game.

#5 Pain (Various):

Their numbers may be small, but the trophies of Pain are painful to get. Some were just invented to kill your soul really, even though others may seem very attainable. This is easily one game which will make you sweat, bleed, and what-not to get its more difficult trophies.

#4 Killzone 2: Heroic Survivor:

We did once write very nice things about the heightened intelligence and awareness of the AI in Killzone 2, but if you try to take on this trophy, you’ll be cursing the AI’s ruthlessness and especially when you get to Radec, who will slaughter you in the worst ways possible. To attain this trophy, you have to finish the game on Elite difficulty during which you’ll die after just a few hits. You might just make it through all the goons, but Radec himself will be a walking, eating nightmare for you.

#3 Grand Theft Auto IV: Wanted:

Yes, it is the dreaded Wanted trophy. That means a rank of level 10. That also means 5 freaking million dollars. You can just sit down and play this game all day long, destroying your social and general life, only to have yourself banging the controller either on the wall or on your own head – and still you’ll be just a touch too far away from attaining this trophy. Grand Theft Auto’s trophies – to many – are the most difficult to achieve on the PS3, and out of the lot the Wanted trophy tops it, because it requires time, dedication, and lots of skills.

#2 Wipeout HD: Beat Zico:

You either have to be absolutely mad or be a machine to find this trophy easy. You have to equal or beat the 30.82 seconds lap time on Anulpha Pass (Forward), Speed Lap, Venom using the Piranha. That means total perfection. Many would say this tops the all-time difficult trophy list. But we have one more trophy that is even more ridiculous than this one.

#1 Fight Night Round 4: XXL:

This, my friends, is our number one most difficult trophy to attain. You’ll have to be either a demigod or devote your entire life to playing a boxing game to attain this trophy. The demand of this trophy is that you win the Heavyweight Championship belt in online world championship mode. That means be the number one player of this game in the entire world! Since there are more than 100,000 online boxers online, it’s near-impossible to even think you can attain this trophy.

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