Up To 1.5 Million New Steam Users Are Arriving Every Month

According to numbers released at the Casual Connect conference in Seattle this past week, nearly 1.5 million new Steam users are starting to use the service every month, making the primary online retailer for PC games even more dominant over its various competitors like Origin, UPlay, and other programs like it.

Normally Valve doesn’t talk about how many people use Steam, so the reveal about how many new users Steam is getting every month is a big bit of information, especially when Valve is getting so many new users. However, you can hardly blame them for being so supportive of Steam.

Steam first began in 2003, and though it was hated at first due to every PC game now requiring it to be installed, it has since become the go-to platform for PC gamers due to convenience, a huge variety of games to choose from, and being better than every other competitor on the market such as Origin and UPlay.

According to Valve’s Tom Giardino, there have been 27 million first-time purchasers since January of 2016, meaning that 27 million new Steam users have purchased game on the service for the first time ever. Currently the service’s daily number of users are peaking consistently at around 14 million users, which is more than the 8.4 million the service had in 2015.

Steam also has way more monthly users than it has before, currently totaling around 67 million. That’s even more than the amount of users Xbox Live has, which is at 53 million. And it’s most likely a great deal more than Origin and Uplay, EA and Ubisoft’s attempts to make online clients for their own games (which have often been criticized for various issues.)

Considering how important Valve and Steam are to PC games nowadays, it’s likely that Steam will continue to grow well into the future, and maybe Origin and UPlay will end up failing, to boot.