Leaked Origin Username/Passwords List is Fake, EA Confirms

Update: In a statement given to SegmentNext, EA has confirmed that the leaked list is “an artificially-generated list that has nothing to do with Origin”.

Original Story
A twitter account that calls itself the Underground Legion (@UGLegion) has claimed to have had hacked into EA’s game digital distribution platform Origin to recover 1.2 million user credentials.

These accounts, complete with emails and passwords, have been posted online and are currently up for grabs. The linked Pastebin file exactly contains 1.218229 emails and their corresponding passwords. Accounts span from all major email providers – Google, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo and etc.

“Origin has been breached by #UGLegion,” the account tweeted earlier in an attempt to create panic amongst Origin users.

Similar to Steam, the Origin platform allows users to purchase games and content digitally to store in their private libraries. Losing access to your account would mean letting go of all your purchases.

Origin administrators have been said to be informed of the breach and they are currently looking into it. It goes without saying that everyone should change their passwords pronto until EA releases an official statement.


As to why @UGLegion would do this, their profile information answers that, “exposing greedy companies & fake hackers since 2012.”

Strangely enough, none of the accounts seem to be working and it asks you for correct information, no matter what account you punch in.

Source: Twitter

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