Roughly 0% Of Steam Users Own Gunpoint, Now In Humble Indie Bundle 12

While the Humble Store is still running its end of summer sale, the main activity from the company is still providing package deals of cool games and so we are now at the Humble Indie Bundle 12.

It has some of the finest quality titles packed together that we’ve seen in recent bundles.

In the first tier, which is available for just $1 if you just want Steam keys, you can get SteamWorld Dig, Hammerwatch and Gunpoint, all fine action titles. Tom Francis, creator of Gunpoint, also had some pretty insightful thoughts to share on Twitter, stating:

It’s astounding to think that, despite critical success and even the commercial success that lead Tom Francis to pursue game development full time, the pervasiveness of a game can be so minor. In January of this year, Steam reported 75 million active users, so that count must be up significantly by now.

So, with that same frame of thought, perhaps the games available in the tier from the Humble Indie Bundle 12 that comes from beating an average price close to $8 won’t be as widely spread as we think. That pack adds the excellent Papers, Please; Gone Home and Luftrausers.

If you’re going to pay that much, you might as well tick it over the edge of $10 and grab Prison Architect, so you can build your megalomaniac little prison. That is some serious quality for a bundle, which usually has one or two lesser games in there.

Moreover, the Humble Indie Bundle 12 will add more titles at a later date, as it usually does. We highly suggest picking yourself up a pack.

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