Mass Effect

Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer

Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer is P2P , No Cross-Play Confirmed

More Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer details have been shared by the game's producer. According...

by   /   Jan 30, 2017
Top 10 best companions in Mass Effect

Top 10 Best Companions From Mass Effect Universe

Mass Effect franchise is known for is a diverse cast of characters which features not only humans...

by   /   Jan 21, 2017
Mass Effect Andromeda pc

Mass Effect Andromeda PC Preload Begins Mid-March

Mass Effect Andromeda PC preload date is announced so it is time to prepare ourselves for the...

by   /   Jan 10, 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda PC

Mass Effect Andromeda PC Frame Rate is Uncapped

Owning a high-end PC but finding out that the game you wish to play has a capped frame rate is the...

by   /   Jan 6, 2017
Mass Effect Andromeda PC controller support

“You Should Keep Mass Effect: Andromeda Saves After Playing”, Creative Director Says

Even if there's no confirmation about it, new Mass Effect installment could be the start of a new...

by   /   Dec 13, 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda story

Mass Effect Andromeda Director Discusses Destiny inspiration And Game’s Mechanics

BioWare showed Mass Effect Andromeda at Game Awards 2016 with a brand new gameplay, something that...

by   /   Dec 6, 2016
Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Trailer.

Things We Learnt From Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay at TGA 2016

Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay was showcased at The Game Awards 2016. The following article will...

by   /   Dec 2, 2016
Bioware's New IP

Minors Details For Bioware’s New IP Shared

Bioware's new IP is one of the hottest topics of debate over the internet right now. The creator of...

by   /   Nov 29, 2016

BioWare’s Mac Walters Gives Details On Mass Effect Andromeda Romances

Mac Walters, the lead designer on Mass Effect: Andromeda, has come onto Twitter to give some...

by   /   Nov 11, 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda Ending

Mass Effect: Andromeda Ending Will Use a Different Approach, GameInformer Issue Details Summarized

Mass Effect: Andromeda Ending is going to use a different approach, according to Bioware. It is...

by   /   Nov 8, 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda Features

Mass Effect: Andromeda Features Include a New Skill Tree, The Last of Us Like Cover System Introduced

After so much teasing, showing behind the scenes footage, and dropping bits and pieces of...

by   /   Nov 8, 2016
Mass Effect 2 and 3

Mass Effect 2 And 3 Are Now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

If you're one of those people who no longer have an Xbox 360 but are looking to replay the Mass...

by   /   Nov 8, 2016
Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition

New Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Released, Join The Initiative

A new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer has been released by Electronic Arts and Bioware. This Mass...

by   /   Nov 2, 2016
Mass Effect Andromeda Behind The Scenes

Mass Effect Andromeda Is Releasing on March 21, 2017?

Mass Effect Andromeda release date was set for late 2016 but sadly, the game got delayed to 2017....

by   /   Oct 4, 2016
Playstation 4 HDR support

EA Finally Delivers Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay

Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay is here! PlayStation Meeting is under way and as we reported...

by   /   Sep 8, 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda Features

Bioware Attending PlayStation Meeting? Mass Effect: Andromeda Producer Drops a Hint

Update 2: Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay has been revealed at PlayStation Meeting. Update:...

by   /   Sep 7, 2016
Mass Effect Remasters

Mass Effect Remasters Are Easy Money But Focus is on the Future: EA

Mass Effect games are considered to be the one of the best Sci-fi RPGs out there despite the gaming...

by   /   Sep 1, 2016
Bioware Forums

Bioware Forums Shutting Down Because of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit

The Bioware forums will be shutting down on August 26, according to a statement made earlier today...

by   /   Jul 30, 2016
mass effect backward compatible

Mass Effect is Backward Compatible Via EA Access? Leak Suggests

It looks like someone at EA pressed the publish button a little early because the latest addition...

by   /   May 9, 2016
mass effect andromeda release date

Jos Hendriks Teases Tons of Cool BioWare Stuff Other Than Andromeda

Jos Hendriks, an employee at Bioware's Edmonton offices, decided to be a tease on Twitter today and...

by   /   Apr 25, 2016
Mass Effect Andromeda Behind The Scenes

Mass Effect Andromeda is the Most Ambitious Title in the Series

Mass Effect Andromeda is the most ambitious game in the series, not only that, but Andromeda is the...

by   /   Apr 25, 2016
mass effect andromeda release date

Commander Shepard Narrates Mass Effect Andromeda Teaser Trailer

Given that today is N7 day, the annual celebration of Bioware’s famous Mass Effect franchise, it...

by   /   Nov 7, 2015
mass effect backward compatible

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Brings Mass Effect DLC Packs

Thanks to the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature we are now able to get our hands on some of...

by   /   Oct 19, 2015
mass effect andromeda release date

EA and Great America Creating a 4D Mass Effect Ride Coming in 2016

While most of us are looking forward to Mass Effect Andromeda, it looks like Electronic Arts and...

by   /   Sep 29, 2015
Bioware's New IP

Drew Karpyshyn, Mass Effect Lead Writer, Rejoins Bioware

Did you love the story of the first and second Mass Effect? Well, we ask that because the lead...

by   /   Sep 21, 2015